Monadnock Rugby Pitches In For Keene YMCA

Posted by on November 27th, 2018

The Wolfpack was invited to help build a new playground for our local YMCA, and several members came out to lend a hand for the children in our hometown. Amy Vaughn, Director of School Age Childcare at the YMCA, had this to say:

“So I heard what a bunch of you fellas did today. I heard you were absolute workhorses for an awesome cause. You just quietly showed up, selflessly worked your asses off and made something amazing happen for a bunch of lucky kids in our community. I see the stuff you do all the time, and I wanted to thank you guys for all the impact you make off the field. This club is an awesome example of why rugby is special. Thanks Wolfpack, for all the great things you do for this community…and for busting your asses today to build that badass playground today.”

Thank you very much to Amy for her kind words, and thank you to the Keene YMCA for giving us an opportunity to help out in our community!